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Meet Dominique Walker

Hi and Welcome,

Nice to meet you. Working as a counselor has been such a rewarding and encouraging experience. My passion for working with others is nothing new, I have worked in human services for the past 11 years in a variety of settings. I remain passionate about helping others navigate new experiences, heal from past hurts and make choices about how they want to move through their future. My own life experiences as a mother, wife and entrepreneur have given me the opportunity to learn and practice in a realistic way. I love to think of my approach as warm, welcoming and honest.  I am looking forward to working with you.


Practice Areas

Practice Areas

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Healing Matters is dedicated to providing individual  and family therapy to improve the state of mental health in our community. In addition, Healing Matters is intentional about creating a safe space to heal and coach millennial women of color. Please review the services available and schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss how to get started. 



15 Minutes

During the 15 minute phone consultation we will discuss your areas of concern, needs and goals for treatment to determine if our services are a good fit for you.


Currently not accepting Medicaid Plans


Are you struggling with daily stressors, anxiety or other personal issues that continue to be a barrier to your happiness. Individual therapy is a process that works through trust, respect, self assessment and support to meet your goals. 


Family Therapy 

Family is important in carrying on tradition and legacy. Family Therapy is important in teaching each of the individuals of the family how to problem solve and communicate in order to maintain their bonds and grow. When that becomes disrupted we have to get to the root of the issue in order to for family bonds to remain in tact.

Licensing Supervision

Offering Licensing Supervision for Limited Licensed Counselors. Inquires welcome.

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 Currently not accepting Medicaid Plans

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